Blind Date

A report on last weeks meeting from Stephen:

“So, what’s your name and where do you come from? Sounds familiar? Yes, this week’s meeting via Zoom was a version of Blind Date. Chris organised a group of questions for us to ask our blind dates and then split us into pairs. What we didn’t know was who was our blind date and what character they would assume, but that’s where the fun came from. One minute you were on a double date with Vera and Sophia and the next minute you were dating Hannibal Lecter. Sounds crazy? Well it was but fun too and it’s one way to spend a Thursday night.

Whose News is Who’s?

Time for a game! This week, our meeting was attended by Chris B, Sarah’s J & S, Stuart, Alan, Simon B, Dean, Hayley  & PJ.  But who had been up to what in the week?  Can you match the actor to their activity?

These included variously:

  • Anticipating forthcoming leave, to spend resting and walking
  • Entertaining outside and getting a haircut
  • Having a call in make it to a favourite podcast
  • Being “Back in the World – visiting pubs, parents and getting hair cut
  • New colleagues
  • Avoiding self-arson whilst wafting past a fire pit

And just to mix things up, three members came to the party late, so didn’t take part in the weekly news session. No prizes, it’s just for fun!

After this we completed reading Neurotics Anonymous, the play Dean sourced from BBC writers room.  We were less northern  this week (with the exception of someone who couldn’t quite commit to being a Jock or a Geordie, whilst another person does a mean approximation of Clarrie Grundy from The Archers).

We will continue to have further Acting Out style fun next Thursday!

Neurotics Anonymous

This week, the blog is from Simon:

“A small but well formed group gathered virtually for another week of Acting Out by zoom. After a catch-up on our various weeks (including tales of lifted lockdown, work and adventures to town) we moved on to the script. Our esteemed secretary Dean had found a script from the BBC writers room.

We found ourselves in a self-help group ‘ Neurotics Anonymous’ – exploring various people’s disabilities and idiosyncrasies – along with the presence of the group facilitator and one participant’s rather overbearing and unsympathetic mother. Many of the main characters quickly became (very) northern – aided by George’s headscarf.

We only made it through the first third and so if you want to know how the story develops then join us next week!”

Lorra Lorra Laughs

This week Haina put us through our paces as we threw the virtual ball to reach other then state what the most random or uplifting this had occurred in lockdown.  These ranged from zooming, shed conversions, garden-based projects, nature and not seeing other halves.

We played a version “I went to the shop and bought a…” memory game – it’s a lot harder to play on Zoom!

And for the main course, two members of the group interacted “Blind Date” style, with others typing script suggestions in the “Chat” function. Definitely Acting Out style fun!

What Will The Neighbours Think?!

Weekly round up report of our latest meeting, from Sarah J:

“Another week and another virtual meet up! We started off with sharing highlights from our week. This included tales of a visit to Somerset and a walk on a quiet beach, gardening and the first grass cut of the year, getting back to running, buying a fold-up bike and learning how to fold and un-fold it, building outdoor bars out of pallets, a visit to the office for one member and another member waiting to hear if they’ll return to work soon. This was followed by a run through of a partial script from Pink Flamingos by John Waters. Much hilarity ensued with several members reading their parts from the garden and wondering what the neighbours would think! Of course we all had fun; that’s what Acting Out is all about!”

Virtual conversations and Actual fun

This week, Richard had responsibility for the blog. He has the following to report…

“A bit of a hectic start to this week’s Zoom meeting and a change of person-in-charge meant that there was no warmup as such, though Richard aka Noisy turned up for the first time in forever and talked forever about laptop-related tech issues, 

Everyone gave a short summary of their week, with experiences varying from work as usual to having become an expert in social distancing risk assessment writing. We admired Chris B’s Zoom background of sunset on the Tees, and George’s fake brick wall.  

We discussed the current Covid situation and new guidance including the introduction of “care bubbles” this weekend, and then we unveiled Sarah S,’s latest script for us to read through, a series of virtual conversations among a group of nine very different people with different agendas of their own – a most enjoyable read! 

After a conversation sparked by Noisy’s comment that people should be able to do their job after 22 years, the meeting closed down and we went our separate ways until next week, for more  Acting Out Fun!”

Notes from the Quiz Night

This week it was PJ’s turn to write the blog and tey had the following to report re: Thursday’s Zoom Meet Up:

“Thursday night shenanigans, the usual how is everybody. Talk of what Chris B was reading (Bubonic plague) moving on …… Dean then did a quiz, question to each person, if you got it wrong the you were out, bye then, select a person to have next question and so on, Chris B was the victor and I was the victor for the next  (but only by default as Sarah S gave the answer away, thanks Sarah). Talked about how we would social distance at the MAC if we were still putting on 7:30 4 8 x some interesting answers. 

The end was talk of balls so H and I said our goodbyes. Remember Acting Out is still fun x x “

Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Quizzy

It’s great to touch base with members of the group each week and see what’s going on in each other’s worlds, from anxieties regarding phasing out menthol smokes to identical posters on Zoom, growing radishes, enjoying gardens in the good weather, socially distanced meals and virtual visits to the theatre and Pride.

Tom then led us through a fiendishly tricky quiz of two rounds – Musical Theatre and General Knowledge. We had a latecomer Stuart join us whilst out for a walk.  Chris won the quiz and will be receiving a prize – as soon as it’s been located 🙂

Socially Distanced Scripts

Sarah J reports on the week via Zoom Meet Up:

“Thursday’s meeting took place on Zoom again; we’re really starting to get the hang of these virtual meetings! We started off with sharing highlights from our week, which included wine deliveries, days off from work and the building of furniture and outdoor bars from wooden pallets – we are a creative bunch after all! 

Then we moved on to the really exciting part of the meeting, reading a new script, ‘Protection’, penned by our own Sarah Spilsbury.  The script revisits characters, Rena and Alex, from a previous play performed at our old home, the Wellington Hotel.  Rena and Alex are struggling with lockdown and social distancing rules, and shortages of alcohol and rice (always a winning combination); so pretty standard stuff really! After a couple of weeks of improv, reading from a script made a nice change and we all agreed that it was a great script and maybe one for a later socially distanced performance! Watch this space…”