What Will The Neighbours Think?!

Weekly round up report of our latest meeting, from Sarah J:

“Another week and another virtual meet up! We started off with sharing highlights from our week. This included tales of a visit to Somerset and a walk on a quiet beach, gardening and the first grass cut of the year, getting back to running, buying a fold-up bike and learning how to fold and un-fold it, building outdoor bars out of pallets, a visit to the office for one member and another member waiting to hear if they’ll return to work soon. This was followed by a run through of a partial script from Pink Flamingos by John Waters. Much hilarity ensued with several members reading their parts from the garden and wondering what the neighbours would think! Of course we all had fun; that’s what Acting Out is all about!”

Virtual conversations and Actual fun

This week, Richard had responsibility for the blog. He has the following to report…

“A bit of a hectic start to this week’s Zoom meeting and a change of person-in-charge meant that there was no warmup as such, though Richard aka Noisy turned up for the first time in forever and talked forever about laptop-related tech issues, 

Everyone gave a short summary of their week, with experiences varying from work as usual to having become an expert in social distancing risk assessment writing. We admired Chris B’s Zoom background of sunset on the Tees, and George’s fake brick wall.  

We discussed the current Covid situation and new guidance including the introduction of “care bubbles” this weekend, and then we unveiled Sarah S,’s latest script for us to read through, a series of virtual conversations among a group of nine very different people with different agendas of their own – a most enjoyable read! 

After a conversation sparked by Noisy’s comment that people should be able to do their job after 22 years, the meeting closed down and we went our separate ways until next week, for more  Acting Out Fun!”

Notes from the Quiz Night

This week it was PJ’s turn to write the blog and tey had the following to report re: Thursday’s Zoom Meet Up:

“Thursday night shenanigans, the usual how is everybody. Talk of what Chris B was reading (Bubonic plague) moving on …… Dean then did a quiz, question to each person, if you got it wrong the you were out, bye then, select a person to have next question and so on, Chris B was the victor and I was the victor for the next  (but only by default as Sarah S gave the answer away, thanks Sarah). Talked about how we would social distance at the MAC if we were still putting on 7:30 4 8 x some interesting answers. 

The end was talk of balls so H and I said our goodbyes. Remember Acting Out is still fun x x “

Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Quizzy

It’s great to touch base with members of the group each week and see what’s going on in each other’s worlds, from anxieties regarding phasing out menthol smokes to identical posters on Zoom, growing radishes, enjoying gardens in the good weather, socially distanced meals and virtual visits to the theatre and Pride.

Tom then led us through a fiendishly tricky quiz of two rounds – Musical Theatre and General Knowledge. We had a latecomer Stuart join us whilst out for a walk.  Chris won the quiz and will be receiving a prize – as soon as it’s been located 🙂

Socially Distanced Scripts

Sarah J reports on the week via Zoom Meet Up:

“Thursday’s meeting took place on Zoom again; we’re really starting to get the hang of these virtual meetings! We started off with sharing highlights from our week, which included wine deliveries, days off from work and the building of furniture and outdoor bars from wooden pallets – we are a creative bunch after all! 

Then we moved on to the really exciting part of the meeting, reading a new script, ‘Protection’, penned by our own Sarah Spilsbury.  The script revisits characters, Rena and Alex, from a previous play performed at our old home, the Wellington Hotel.  Rena and Alex are struggling with lockdown and social distancing rules, and shortages of alcohol and rice (always a winning combination); so pretty standard stuff really! After a couple of weeks of improv, reading from a script made a nice change and we all agreed that it was a great script and maybe one for a later socially distanced performance! Watch this space…”

Lockdown Breakout!

Don’t worry, or bell the authorities, our breakout failed to flounce social distancing guidelines…

It was good to catch up with fellow Acting Outers on Thursday, and hear how people have been getting on in life in lockdown. Pressures at work, socially distancing in the park, cooking’n’cleaning, enjoying birthdays and making their own Monopoly sets.

Then things got bizarre, as via the magic of interweb technology, we broke out into sperate subsections of Zoom.  Our task, set by this weeks facilitator Chris B, was to improve pieces in a set style and drop in a given word, then perform them and have the rest of the group guess the style and word.  The scenario was to discover which heinous bandit had swiped the Earth’s last pot of fat free frozen yoghurt.

This was variously acted out in the manner of DC Comics (word: harness), Oscar Wilde(word: calculator) and TOWIE (word: scaffolding), all of which were hilarious.

Can’t wait for next week!

Still having fun in Lockdown

This week, the blog is by Hayley:

We are all enjoying the novelty of seeing one another again on a very
clever app called Zoom, some very technologically minded people have also
got some impressive backgrounds, in fact we all thought Sarah J was tuning
in to tonight’s meet up from the Caribbean!! Well, there’s nothing wrong
with dreaming of foreign shores at a time like this!

Anyway back in Blighty chaired by our very own incomparable Captain Tom,
we all fed back about how our week has been. The lovely Haina led the
group this week, reading through a script in which our real life personas
had all had a makeover, and some of us cast in a ‘new’ version of
ourselves were in love with someone else from the group which never seemed
to be requited in true dramatic fashion…sob! However, much hilarity
ensued when we came to improvising the script, the main part of which we
spent wondering where Ifor had gone and why the village hall looked like
Boltz the morning after the night before. A great session all round, and
fab to see all those happy faces doing what Acting Out does best, having a
great deal of fun!!”

Saying “Hello Beautiful People” – via Zoom!

This week, our blog comes from Haina:

Hello Beautiful People 

Hope you all are well and keeping safe during these difficult and challenging times. 

This week we projected from the comfort of our own abodes, using electric devices via the Zoom app. Here everyone logged in and sat in eager anticipation as to what the evening’s offering may bring. Our wonderful and charming chairperson Tom gave a heartfelt individual greeting to each and everyone as they ‘entered’ into the meeting room with great excitement. 

After a brief catch up we started the evening’s frivolities with a round of “one good thing that happened to us individually during the week’. Discovering new and exciting facts such as, cushion covers, sheds, self raising flour, book deliveries, to days off work and about our acting out members activities throughout the week. After a little pause and unfortunate beer spillage, our dearest Dean, aka Chris Tarrant, led the remainder of the evening meeting with a two part quiz. Round one was a ten question quiz written by Garion, (Dean’s other half) and presented by Dean himself. This round proved to be rather challenging for most of the group members as the questions were mainly based around the events of wonderful Wales !!!!  Sadly, this led to most of us not doing so well in this round due to a lack of knowledge in rugby and sheep, which only motivated us further in Round 2, which was ‘guess the person in each of the different 15 pictures’. 

With the final highest score from both rounds at 12 and average 7-8 by most AO members I can honestly say that, I have not had such great laughter, banter and smiles in weeks. All proved to be a great success. 

I would like to thank all the members that attended the meeting and a huge thanks to our fabulous treasurer Chris for organising the Zoom meeting.

I eagerly await our next  meeting this coming Thursday at 7pm till 8pm. 

Till then, sending you all my love, well wishes and prayers. 

Keep safe, 

Kind regards, 

Haina Qarithe AL-Saud “

The Great Pic’n’Mix Debate

Our weekly blog, this time courtesy of George: “A catch up on everyone’s lives in isolation kicked off our virtual meeting this week, including a quick game of ‘guess the pic n mix George has ordered’ which inevitably led to debate on strawberry laces vs strawberry cables (are they the same?) We then played around in the messenger section with ‘one-word story’, where we each input one word to tell a little tale. Following this, we read a few scripts, trying to guess the TV show they were from, before saying goodbye to clap for our key workers. Technical issues will not stop Acting Out, we will persevere!”