Making the breast of it

This week were set to go to the park, but as the weather put the kybosh on this, we met on Zoom once more.  Hopefully we’ll reach the park on a future occasion, when the weather is more seasonable.

We had a weekly catch up, with members weeks ranging from cycling challenges, stress at work and paying for drag-show breasts over a period of time, “tit by tit”, as it were….we also discussed putting forward a proposal to take part in November’s SHOUT festival.

Finally, we read through the remainder of a script we’d looked at previously, a very surreal piece “The Worst Village in England”, where in a warped village, someone falls foul of a fridge.  The writers were French, so I suspect it was a dig at us “Ros-bifs”

Some juices are flowing (creatively, of course)

This week, it was Al’s turn to report on the weekly AO Zoom meeting.

“A lively meeting began with a catch up of what everyone had done for the first time this week. I jotted down some words to remind myself for this blog so, with a combination of laziness, forgetfulness and wanting to tease, I shall just give you that list: trellis, nettles, coffee-wine, boss, vaccine, singing, dog, bike, drone-show, furniture and beer.

We then workshopped Greg’s work in progress and it certainly got some juices flowing – creatively of course. The ideas came thick and fast and I am sure it has helped Greg develop the piece as well as providing a fun (at times raucous) activity for the rest of us.”

In – and out – and in – and out – and in again

This week, the guest blog comes from Simon, who has the following to report about Thursday’s meeting:

“We started as usual with our go-round catch-up of how our weeks have been – there were tales of going to pubs, being back at work, booking (and having) our Covid jabs, exams, and the presence of hedgehogs in gardens (and the fact that the name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet).

Following that we moved on to auditions for the ‘Experience Centre’ and starting rehearsals for ‘The History Hour’. Having realised that despite our assumption, nobody was the meeting host so we couldn’t use breakout rooms. Much chaos and confusion (and hilarity) ensued as links to other zoom rooms were posted in the chat, people left, came back, left again, and came back again. Some did find their way to George’s room for auditions (well done to those who were cast) while the History Hour took over the main room as the cast started to develop their characters under the watchful eye of Sarah S.

Join us next week for more fun (and more theatre).”

And we’re off!

This week we were joined by former Chair Tom: Welcome back!

After a brief catch up round the room, we discussed filling roles for our forthcoming productions and – “Yay! – We’ve got enough people to do all of them”!

The first of these has been cast.  The History Hour (a dystopian disaster set in 2045, the year everything goes wrong”), by Sarah S, will feature:

Narrator – Al

Vinnie – Dean

Jacob – Sarah S

Martin – Simon

Myron – Matt

Kirsty – Sarah J

Nurse – PJ.

Keep looking out for more news!

A short and sweet summary of the week

This week, the blog comes from PJ:

There was gateway, HMRC. (Shudder). No tears a little bit of exercise no drinking (gasps all round) walks, garden reunions, work, podcasts, fabulous new bathroom x

Auditions for history hour x

Al’s play Home Truths.

Deans piece,  Opening Up (oooer)

Facial expressions and PJ likes a nurse x

AO Catch Up

We are currently discussing future productions which will be via the medium of video – but that’s all double hush hush and top secret for now…in the meanwhile, Matt had the following to report about the more social side of the meeting:

“Well it seems like it’s been a busy week for AO members, lots of people have been doing things, some have been meeting up (while still maintaining Social Distance) some have taken trips down memory lane myself included thinking of happier times from my childhood, some seem to be taking advantage of the semi-decent weather to do some gardening and buying pruning saw’s, and one members brother decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, we didn’t hear what the reply was but we assume (and hope) she said yes!”

Occupation, Location, Object

This week, the blog comes care of Hayley, who had the following to report on the weeks meeting:

“A wide array of topics were covered, complete with Sam’s new ‘geese’ or new ‘niece’ (for those of us who heard it correctly), Chris’s tulips have come up, there was news of a new work contract, as well as a discussion about how to deal with a big spot on one’s forehead. There was also talk of enough video editing of wildlife to put the BBC’s Countryfile to shame as well as Quzzing ‘1991’ style and news of decorating galore!

After that tantalising smorgasbord of news, we went on to discuss future plans for AO in terms of meeting up again, hopefully in June if Boris’s road map comes to fruition! Ideas included looking for a larger venue to rent for a few months in case we can’t return to the Craven immediately. The possibility of applying for an Ageing Better grant to help us ‘get back together’ was also suggested.

We then finished the evening with a fun game called ‘Occupation, Location, Object’ (think Zoom version of Chinese Whispers). It resulted in much hilarity, and included some impressive ballet moves from Amar, as well as George’s yoyo skills that got misinterpreted as a fishing rod! As usual, Acting Out provided the laughter and friendship we all needed to keep us going through another week of lockdown.”

“No Business Like Show Business”!

And now, the blog from Haina!

Dear Acting Outers,

In the words of Jason (a teenager wanna-be celebrity from “The Worst Village in England”)

      “There’s no business like show business like no business I know

         Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow

         Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are steeling that extra bow”

You read right folks, “Acting Out” is the place like no other place via zoom, where everything is fun and “Nowhere” else could you get that happy feeling when you are here and now.

This week’ was orchestrated by our amazing Chairperson Sarah “Mrs Cheveley” Johnson, who performed an Ophra style exclusive of each and everyone’s past week highlights and behind the scenes experiences.

It was disclosed that members had engaged in the following; –

  • Watching queer versions of a Shakespearean play.
  • Playing hardcore video games with ‘no titles’.
  • Anticipating Banging builders. ( not paid with public money ).
  • Receiving holiday back pay, money they have ‘earned themselves’ .
  • Pfizer shot.
  • Cultivating Bonsai Trees.
  • “Finding freedom” with a new Job, but would not be getting paid for their interview..
  • And ‘feeling trapped’ doing F***ing bugger all.

The names of these individual members can never be disclosed as,

                         “it would be very damaging to them”

After these grenades had been thrown the moods changed by cold reading of a play titled “The Worst Village in England” presented by the Head of the Acting Out Firm. This took to everyone’s attention until 8pm when members bid there farewells till next week’s further disclosure will be revealed.

On this Note we All wish PJ a very Happy Birthday week.

Loads of love,

“I’ve found my voice”, Haina AL-Saud  “Comedy But Serious News”.

Return of the Writing Group & Relationships

This week, our blog comes from Dean:

“This week 10 of us met on Zoom and before we got into the main meat of the meeting we went round the room asking how everyone’s week had been as per tradition.

There was online meeting fatigue amongst members who have been working from home and thoughts on what Boris Johnson’s road map out of lockdown might mean for all of us. More importantly there were tales of the reclamation of nature with geese, chickens and pigeons entering peoples’ dwellings!

The main events then followed with an announcement of the theme the group had democratically elected to take forward for video pieces, which was … Relationships!

This week being the long awaited relaunch of the Writing Group, we then split into different “rooms” on Zoom and came up with some ideas based on the theme in smaller groups.

These ideas and any other brainwaves we might have will be developed over the coming weeks so wait and see!”