It's starting (with a bang)

This week it’s Stephen’s turn to report on what occurred at our weekly meeting, and they have the following to share:

“The evening started with a bang, as Greg warmed us up with the game of duck the bullet, shoot your neighbour. The fun came to a head with a final standoff between Al & Alaena for the final shot, but in good team spirits a draw was declared between the two. 

In the second part of the evening, rehearsals for 7:30 to 8 started upstairs with a read through of the first act with the new cast. It’s early stages yet but you can really start to see the characters forming and it looks like it’s going to be a fun show to work on. Downstairs a read through of Stuart’s new script ‘The Abusive Tango’ took place introducing the characters of Derek and Samson. This one sounds like an intriguing one and it will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few weeks. “

Final Auditions and Fun

This week, Dean had the following to report:

“Ed did the warm-up this week where we all stood in a circle and each person said one word to make up a story. The second round of auditions for 7:30 for 8 were held and at the end of the evening the cast was announced for what is set to be another exciting performance.

With a high turn-out the rest of us sat in the bar and had a sociable evening but in the weeks and months ahead we will create and nurture our next ventures as a group 🙂 “

A pause for thought

Sayeed had the following to report re: Thursday’s meeting:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances auditions for  Severn Thirty for Eight was postponed and will resume next week (06/02/20), so watch this space.

The lovely George led us tonight  with the warm up where we played  Zip, Zap , Bong, ( reflector, volleyball, pigeon  etc ). 

We discussed ways we can promote the group and reach  a wider audience  using various media platforms  i.e Instagram, You Tube, pod cast, interviews etc. Other items  on the agenda was looking at workshops we can run  for those not in the next production  such as  vocal training, devised piece, script writing, social media awareness and more…”

Preparing for our next show

This week’s blog comes from Shaun:

“There were a few auditions this evening for the production.

The first half was a continuation of reading the script for the play and the second half was the auditions by Hayley.

Chris P did the warm up.

The committee are still trying to find a suitable weekend that the MAC for Acting out do the show.”

New Year, New Production Plans

Tonight, the group discussed plans for our next production “Seven Thirty For Eight”, a dark comedy penned by our own Alan. We decided a venue and director and will be assigning roles via audition over the next two weeks.  Details of the performance are to be confirmed, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

New Year, New Committee!

In our first meeting of the new year, we held the AO AGM. We looked back over the success that we had last year, settling into a new rehearsal venue and taking our performance of An Ideal Husband to The MAC.

It was then time to vote in the new committee, and all candidates standing got in successfully, and are pictured below: [from left to right] Chris (B), Sarah (S), Tom, Ifor, Haina and Dean. Many thanks to Maria from the LGBT centre for presiding over the election.

Time to party!

Acting Out tonight celebrated a year which started with the sad news of our having to move from our former home and latterly saw us selling out the MAC with “An Ideal Husband”. Not a bad turnaround!  We held our Christmas party at our new meeting place, The Craven Arms, where we enjoyed fun, games, food, Secret Santa and karaoke.  (It’s NOT an AO party without that last one 😊 ). 

We also had our annual awards.  The talented and deserving winners were (cue drumroll….)

Best transformation: Chris B

Best newcomer: Peter H

Best non acting contribution: Haina A

Best performance in a supporting role: Alan H

Best performance in a leading role: Sarah J

Best comedy performance: Chris B

Best dramatic performance: Sarah J

Congratulations all, and a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all who have supported us throughout 2019.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas song

This week’s blog is from Shaun:

Warm up was What is your favourite Christmas song,  changing “Christmas” to something that you like. Going around in a circle. (have yourself a Merry little Christmas song)

We discussed about the Christmas party for next week and  nominations, plus read more about the panto (Snow White and the Six and a Half Dwarfs)

Timely and topical!

This weeks blog is from Sarah S, who had the following to report from “The Field” (AKA Craven Arms, where we meet each Thursday)

Last night the group had a read through of another potential piece, which was timely in more ways than one. Not only was it a potential panto (and yes, it was, so don’t be ‘Oh no it wasn’t!’) but the piece, written by our own Richard G and Marc C – “Snow White and the Six and a Half Drag Queens” featured characters such as:

Miss Doris Johnson (A pushy drag queen, ex- public school, always wanting to be in charge)

Miss Jemima Cornbum (A radical drag queen who wants to change things for the better),

Miss Teresa Maybenot (The half drag queen, who isn’t quite sure whether she wants to be a drag queen or not. She tries to lead the others and keep them in order but struggles because each one has her own ideas).

Can’t possibly think of whom these might have been based on – figures in political life, whose parties you may be voting for soon? AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE NEXT WEEK!!! (Even if it’s through a curmudgeonly desire to ensure you get your Council Tax’s worth to pay the poll clerks and counters).

The group had great fun reading through these (and other roles in the piece). Because Acting Out is FUN!