In – and out – and in – and out – and in again

This week, the guest blog comes from Simon, who has the following to report about Thursday’s meeting:

“We started as usual with our go-round catch-up of how our weeks have been – there were tales of going to pubs, being back at work, booking (and having) our Covid jabs, exams, and the presence of hedgehogs in gardens (and the fact that the name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet).

Following that we moved on to auditions for the ‘Experience Centre’ and starting rehearsals for ‘The History Hour’. Having realised that despite our assumption, nobody was the meeting host so we couldn’t use breakout rooms. Much chaos and confusion (and hilarity) ensued as links to other zoom rooms were posted in the chat, people left, came back, left again, and came back again. Some did find their way to George’s room for auditions (well done to those who were cast) while the History Hour took over the main room as the cast started to develop their characters under the watchful eye of Sarah S.

Join us next week for more fun (and more theatre).”

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