Occupation, Location, Object

This week, the blog comes care of Hayley, who had the following to report on the weeks meeting:

“A wide array of topics were covered, complete with Sam’s new ‘geese’ or new ‘niece’ (for those of us who heard it correctly), Chris’s tulips have come up, there was news of a new work contract, as well as a discussion about how to deal with a big spot on one’s forehead. There was also talk of enough video editing of wildlife to put the BBC’s Countryfile to shame as well as Quzzing ‘1991’ style and news of decorating galore!

After that tantalising smorgasbord of news, we went on to discuss future plans for AO in terms of meeting up again, hopefully in June if Boris’s road map comes to fruition! Ideas included looking for a larger venue to rent for a few months in case we can’t return to the Craven immediately. The possibility of applying for an Ageing Better grant to help us ‘get back together’ was also suggested.

We then finished the evening with a fun game called ‘Occupation, Location, Object’ (think Zoom version of Chinese Whispers). It resulted in much hilarity, and included some impressive ballet moves from Amar, as well as George’s yoyo skills that got misinterpreted as a fishing rod! As usual, Acting Out provided the laughter and friendship we all needed to keep us going through another week of lockdown.”

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