Here is the weekly blog, this week from Simon:

“This week a merry band of AOs met, as ever in these times, through the wonders of zoom.  We were pleased to welcome Tim, who joined us for the first time (and our first newcomer since we went virtual). We began with news of our weeks as usual – and got to know Tim – as ever it was good to reconnect and share. For me the weekly ritual of catching up and the role of Acting Out as a supportive community has been an important anchor throughout a stormy year.

Haina then led us in a reading of a script –  ‘Obsession’ that had been written by a member of a local writing group. It was a powerful tale of hoarding and the disruption that can cause to individual and family lives. We hope to be able to invite the writer to a future meeting to hear their script being read. Part way through one of the key cast members suffered a technological interruption with amusing consequences PJ: “you all froze” All: “No, you froze” – after several failed attempts at reconnection sadly the part had to be recast (not a problem we ever encountered when we met in person and someone popped to the bar!).

We ended with a discussion about ideas for our future productions – which the committee are working on and will be sharing with us very soon. Watch this space!” 

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