Foiled (Guy Fawkes Night) Plots

We had planned on reading some inspiring speeches on Thursday (to tie in with the times), but our own chat got in the way, and carried on for way longer than the usual hour. However, it’s important now, more than ever that we check in on each others mental health. As Bob Hoskins said, “It’s good to talk”!  We wound up leaving the speeches to Malcolm X and caught up (hopefully we will do the planned activity another time).

Members variously:

  • Had met their godson, been on a covid-walk, had a virtual boogie at a Sweat night via Twitch and has an un-refundable radiator.
  • Have recovered from a recent bout of feeling ill, been to Blackpool and has de-Halloweened their flat.
  • Have been mainly working and has been given cloak and dagger / spy movie style instructions for an appointment at the QE.
  • Were on a tourism tip, and returned (briefly) to the Coffin Works and visited a Van Gogh experience.
  • Have had a long week, with new hours combined with a return to university (with recycled lectures) and relegated to tambourines.
  • Have been getting rid of stuff in the house and not getting rid of wildlife in the garden.
  • Have has been meeting previously unmet (in person) colleagues and performing virtual waves to a Covid-co-worker.
  • Fell foul of a fake that he was going to be furloughed, bus is likely to get a new job next week.
  • Did a Halloween run from Warstone Lane and has been appreciating the decorations in his neighbourhood.

And someone mentioned thongs.

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