And now for something completely different

Simon’s report on this weeks’ meeting:

“This week was rather a contrast to the previous meeting. Perhaps saying we went from the sublime to the ridiculous would be going too far but….

We started with the usual catch-up while we waited for our esteemed secretary to arrive – including a discussion of interior lighting (and tales of exploding candles) with the addition of an IT lesson – just when we thought that there was nothing new technologically George introduced some people to the joys of being able to WhatsApp from the web. 

Once Dean joined us he turned quizmaster for a Halloween quiz that ranged from cinema to European folklore, by way of Día de los Muertos, the Addams family’s butler and of course the Scottish play! Al proved to be the champion of this Spooktacular (though bonus points to Sarah and George for illustrating their score sheets with ghosts).

After the quiz we chatted about horror movies and that fortunately on zoom you can see behind you – though that didn’t take account of the horror of someone (or something) coming through the screen! Luckily (or perhaps sadly given the lack of human contact) that didn’t happen this evening.

We were then treated to innuendo from Al (he protested his innocence but he clearly knows his audience) and then a live musical performance from Sam on the keyboard – perhaps not quite operatic but entertaining none the less. Although many of us were appalled at the appearance of a very early Christmas tree behind him!

To return to Shakespeare “When shall we (hopefully more than) three meet again”? Well the current hurley-burley might not be done by next week but we’ll be getting together on zoom for sure! See you there for more fun, Acting Out style “

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