An offal-ly good time

We kicked off with a catch up and news: Chystal Scott-Ballz will be performing a drag show on 21st December. Some were planning trips to Shropshire in a newly MOT passed motor, and feasting on cherry and marzipan cake, whilst others were enduring a 1000 year long week but accessing a new American therapist, applying for jobs, planning to visit a Van Gogh expo.  One member turned up but was silent due to internet issues and there were a lot of offal jokes regarding plans to cook knocked down lamb’s hearts.

The offending offal is shown below, before and after style:

The offending offal – 63p, how could I leave it in Tescos?

We then had another reading of Disappearing Britain, Sarah Spilsbury’s script about, well, various parts of Britain disappearing, which was deemed “fun” – which is what Acting Out is all about!

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