One fun night, Two Ronnies, Three sketches but no Four Candles

This week Hayley was guest host, but before we attacked her activities we had the weekly catch up.  People have been at work, getting new jobs, doing up bathrooms and installing heating in sheds (It was established that shed envy is a THING; the jealousy is REAL!) running challenges and spending days off filling a skip.

We also saw the welcome return of Matt, who is already prepping for Halloween and whose kitchen bears the sign “Dracula’s Cavern: Fresh Blood Daily”!

We then split into groups to prepare performances of three Two Ronnie’s sketches (“Find The Lady”, “High Nigh” and “Husband Swapping”). They were very much “of their time” but still very funny, although some relied on physical humour that was hard to replicate via the medium that is Zoom.

A timely tribute, as Ronnie Barker died on 3rd October 2005 (what he would have made of our performances is anyone’s guess).  So in the meanwhile, it’s good night from me and good night from him…


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