Poetry please!

This week, the blog comes from Chris (who also facilitated the session):

“The meeting began with our usual roundup of how everyone’s week had gone. Some had had a long overdue week off, some had ventured into town for the first time since March. One person had had to deal with snakes and overgrown bushes. And we were all introduced to the adorable Harry the hedgehog.

Chris had been a bit cagey about the plan for the meeting, but he sent round a selection of poems, with the idea we’d split into groups and rehearse and perform them for each other. If technology allowed, we’d record them. 

There were three groups : one performed “Want”, by Joan Larkin. A very moving piece, surprisingly suited for the times. Another group tried choral speaking, doing “we two boys together clinging”, from Walt Whitman. We finished with “(I married a) Monster from outer space” by the great John Cooper Clarke. Fingers crossed it looks like the technology was smiling on us, and we have the recordings. 

Everyone agreed that it felt a bit like actually performing again.”

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