Fish, Chips, Fun – Disappearing Britain and dodgy accents

This week, the blog was taken care of by Dean:

At the time of writing this our weekly Acting Out Zoom meeting just came to a close and while it’s fresh in my head I may as well get it down on paper!

Talking about getting things down on paper this evening’s session was led by one of esteemed writers, Sarah Spilsbury, who supplied yet another script to add to her growing back catalogue!

Having been late to the meeting due to chowing down on my chips I joined part way through the read-through of “Disappearing Britain”, which seemed like a satirical side swipe at the strange and unusual times we are living in. In typical Acting Out style it was a laugh a minute and dodgy accents a-plenty!

Everyone seemed in jovial spirits despite our distance and it’s great just once a week to see everyone’s faces and no matter what kind of week you’ve had those friendly faces can lift your spirits – after all that’s what we’re about!

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