Whose News is Who’s?

Time for a game! This week, our meeting was attended by Chris B, Sarah’s J & S, Stuart, Alan, Simon B, Dean, Hayley  & PJ.  But who had been up to what in the week?  Can you match the actor to their activity?

These included variously:

  • Anticipating forthcoming leave, to spend resting and walking
  • Entertaining outside and getting a haircut
  • Having a call in make it to a favourite podcast
  • Being “Back in the World – visiting pubs, parents and getting hair cut
  • New colleagues
  • Avoiding self-arson whilst wafting past a fire pit

And just to mix things up, three members came to the party late, so didn’t take part in the weekly news session. No prizes, it’s just for fun!

After this we completed reading Neurotics Anonymous, the play Dean sourced from BBC writers room.  We were less northern  this week (with the exception of someone who couldn’t quite commit to being a Jock or a Geordie, whilst another person does a mean approximation of Clarrie Grundy from The Archers).

We will continue to have further Acting Out style fun next Thursday!

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