Virtual conversations and Actual fun

This week, Richard had responsibility for the blog. He has the following to report…

“A bit of a hectic start to this week’s Zoom meeting and a change of person-in-charge meant that there was no warmup as such, though Richard aka Noisy turned up for the first time in forever and talked forever about laptop-related tech issues, 

Everyone gave a short summary of their week, with experiences varying from work as usual to having become an expert in social distancing risk assessment writing. We admired Chris B’s Zoom background of sunset on the Tees, and George’s fake brick wall.  

We discussed the current Covid situation and new guidance including the introduction of “care bubbles” this weekend, and then we unveiled Sarah S,’s latest script for us to read through, a series of virtual conversations among a group of nine very different people with different agendas of their own – a most enjoyable read! 

After a conversation sparked by Noisy’s comment that people should be able to do their job after 22 years, the meeting closed down and we went our separate ways until next week, for more  Acting Out Fun!”

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