Socially Distanced Scripts

Sarah J reports on the week via Zoom Meet Up:

“Thursday’s meeting took place on Zoom again; we’re really starting to get the hang of these virtual meetings! We started off with sharing highlights from our week, which included wine deliveries, days off from work and the building of furniture and outdoor bars from wooden pallets – we are a creative bunch after all! 

Then we moved on to the really exciting part of the meeting, reading a new script, ‘Protection’, penned by our own Sarah Spilsbury.  The script revisits characters, Rena and Alex, from a previous play performed at our old home, the Wellington Hotel.  Rena and Alex are struggling with lockdown and social distancing rules, and shortages of alcohol and rice (always a winning combination); so pretty standard stuff really! After a couple of weeks of improv, reading from a script made a nice change and we all agreed that it was a great script and maybe one for a later socially distanced performance! Watch this space…”

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