Lockdown Breakout!

Don’t worry, or bell the authorities, our breakout failed to flounce social distancing guidelines…

It was good to catch up with fellow Acting Outers on Thursday, and hear how people have been getting on in life in lockdown. Pressures at work, socially distancing in the park, cooking’n’cleaning, enjoying birthdays and making their own Monopoly sets.

Then things got bizarre, as via the magic of interweb technology, we broke out into sperate subsections of Zoom.  Our task, set by this weeks facilitator Chris B, was to improve pieces in a set style and drop in a given word, then perform them and have the rest of the group guess the style and word.  The scenario was to discover which heinous bandit had swiped the Earth’s last pot of fat free frozen yoghurt.

This was variously acted out in the manner of DC Comics (word: harness), Oscar Wilde(word: calculator) and TOWIE (word: scaffolding), all of which were hilarious.

Can’t wait for next week!

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