Still having fun in Lockdown

This week, the blog is by Hayley:

We are all enjoying the novelty of seeing one another again on a very
clever app called Zoom, some very technologically minded people have also
got some impressive backgrounds, in fact we all thought Sarah J was tuning
in to tonight’s meet up from the Caribbean!! Well, there’s nothing wrong
with dreaming of foreign shores at a time like this!

Anyway back in Blighty chaired by our very own incomparable Captain Tom,
we all fed back about how our week has been. The lovely Haina led the
group this week, reading through a script in which our real life personas
had all had a makeover, and some of us cast in a ‘new’ version of
ourselves were in love with someone else from the group which never seemed
to be requited in true dramatic fashion…sob! However, much hilarity
ensued when we came to improvising the script, the main part of which we
spent wondering where Ifor had gone and why the village hall looked like
Boltz the morning after the night before. A great session all round, and
fab to see all those happy faces doing what Acting Out does best, having a
great deal of fun!!”

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