Saying “Hello Beautiful People” – via Zoom!

This week, our blog comes from Haina:

Hello Beautiful People 

Hope you all are well and keeping safe during these difficult and challenging times. 

This week we projected from the comfort of our own abodes, using electric devices via the Zoom app. Here everyone logged in and sat in eager anticipation as to what the evening’s offering may bring. Our wonderful and charming chairperson Tom gave a heartfelt individual greeting to each and everyone as they ‘entered’ into the meeting room with great excitement. 

After a brief catch up we started the evening’s frivolities with a round of “one good thing that happened to us individually during the week’. Discovering new and exciting facts such as, cushion covers, sheds, self raising flour, book deliveries, to days off work and about our acting out members activities throughout the week. After a little pause and unfortunate beer spillage, our dearest Dean, aka Chris Tarrant, led the remainder of the evening meeting with a two part quiz. Round one was a ten question quiz written by Garion, (Dean’s other half) and presented by Dean himself. This round proved to be rather challenging for most of the group members as the questions were mainly based around the events of wonderful Wales !!!!  Sadly, this led to most of us not doing so well in this round due to a lack of knowledge in rugby and sheep, which only motivated us further in Round 2, which was ‘guess the person in each of the different 15 pictures’. 

With the final highest score from both rounds at 12 and average 7-8 by most AO members I can honestly say that, I have not had such great laughter, banter and smiles in weeks. All proved to be a great success. 

I would like to thank all the members that attended the meeting and a huge thanks to our fabulous treasurer Chris for organising the Zoom meeting.

I eagerly await our next  meeting this coming Thursday at 7pm till 8pm. 

Till then, sending you all my love, well wishes and prayers. 

Keep safe, 

Kind regards, 

Haina Qarithe AL-Saud “

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