Staying indoors doesn’t have to mean staying alone

This week, the blog comes from Greg:

“Another week as rollicking as we can possibly be without leaving our houses, starting with a finish the lyric and a large discussion regarding the smash hit Tiger King in which the following was unanimously agreed; Carole Baskin killed her husband and Jeff Lowe is not her husband in disguise.
After a short catch up we then attempted a new game where popular scenes are changed to a more local setting, for example finding a missing girl who was supposedly travelling from West Bromwich the other day – after a couple of hiccups we realised the film was Psycho and that she wasn’t actually from West Bromwich, but imagine if she was? I’m not sure Hitchcock would have approved.
We’re once again keeping eachother safe and sane staying indoors and keeping eachother company – everyone should remember to do the same. Staying indoors doesn’t have to mean staying alone.”

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