“Deliciously Awkward!”

This week, our “blogger in the field” was Al, and his despatch is as so: “Not the cheeriest of starts this week as we discussed the impact of coronavirus on the group and whether we cancel meetings. The upshot being that we each make our own decision and no one should feel obliged to attend but that given we may soon have the choice taken out of our (well sanitised) hands those who wanted to keep coming can do so. Acting Out has always brought people together and reduced isolation so those who wish to can carry on until official advice changes. However, there may well be implications for Seven thirty for Eight and it’ll be kept under review.

So after an alphabetical warm up (thanks Dean) non-contact rehearsals continued. The characters are really coming on and most of us remembered where we were supposed to stand and we got our first review “it’s deliciously awkward” (again, thanks Dean) – we’ll take that!”

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