Fun Facts, Pride Planning and Rehearsing

A snapshot of what the group got up to this week, as witnessed by Simon:

“Despite transport issues for some we gathered again in the upper room at the Craven Arms. The warm up, led by Haina, was to reveal something about ourselves that nobody else in the group would know. We discovered (amongst other fun and interesting facts) who was related to the Tipton Slasher, which of us was learning Esperanto , which Acting Outer is a classically trained clarinettist and who had launched  foul mouthed tirade towards celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott!

Following that we divided with the group in the bar thinking about our presence at Birmingham Pride and finding ways to play to our strengths within the theme. Chris led us in sharing what ‘Stronger Together’ meant for each of us and our experiences of prides in the past. A highlight was hearing Ifor’s tale of coming out and his first gay liberation march in 1978,

Meanwhile the cast of ‘Seven Thirty for Eight’ finished the read through and then spent time working on characterisation. They focused on gear changes in the play and how they might show different sides of the characters. It was good to see the developing dynamic between characters at only the second rehearsal .”

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