Time to party!

Acting Out tonight celebrated a year which started with the sad news of our having to move from our former home and latterly saw us selling out the MAC with “An Ideal Husband”. Not a bad turnaround!  We held our Christmas party at our new meeting place, The Craven Arms, where we enjoyed fun, games, food, Secret Santa and karaoke.  (It’s NOT an AO party without that last one 😊 ). 

We also had our annual awards.  The talented and deserving winners were (cue drumroll….)

Best transformation: Chris B

Best newcomer: Peter H

Best non acting contribution: Haina A

Best performance in a supporting role: Alan H

Best performance in a leading role: Sarah J

Best comedy performance: Chris B

Best dramatic performance: Sarah J

Congratulations all, and a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all who have supported us throughout 2019.

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