Timely and topical!

This weeks blog is from Sarah S, who had the following to report from “The Field” (AKA Craven Arms, where we meet each Thursday)

Last night the group had a read through of another potential piece, which was timely in more ways than one. Not only was it a potential panto (and yes, it was, so don’t be ‘Oh no it wasn’t!’) but the piece, written by our own Richard G and Marc C – “Snow White and the Six and a Half Drag Queens” featured characters such as:

Miss Doris Johnson (A pushy drag queen, ex- public school, always wanting to be in charge)

Miss Jemima Cornbum (A radical drag queen who wants to change things for the better),

Miss Teresa Maybenot (The half drag queen, who isn’t quite sure whether she wants to be a drag queen or not. She tries to lead the others and keep them in order but struggles because each one has her own ideas).

Can’t possibly think of whom these might have been based on – figures in political life, whose parties you may be voting for soon? AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE NEXT WEEK!!! (Even if it’s through a curmudgeonly desire to ensure you get your Council Tax’s worth to pay the poll clerks and counters).

The group had great fun reading through these (and other roles in the piece). Because Acting Out is FUN!

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