Creative Juices – 4th Aug ’18

This week at Acting Out, after an opening game of Park Bench getting our creative juices flowing with the goal of creating hilarious discomfort, we made introductions for our newer members, and a visitor we’ll return to later. We then immediately began to bounce several ideas around the room that the Creepies had been working on, and it was a veritable pinball machine if you want to labour the bouncing metaphor.
With some discussion of how the show should be framed which really seems to be coming along, we moved onto ideas submitted by several members, ranging from the artistic, to the comedic, to a few things I think a psychoanalyst could write a Thesis on – that’s a good thing when it comes to Halloween, before you begin to worry. Dances, poetry, parodies and brutal murder, hopefully all to be brought together in one evening of horrifying fun.
Of course, Acting Out needs to get involved in its namesake, so we began to see the stories of a rather raunchy Dr. Jekyll and a married couple that if this were real life, could well be heading pretty quickly for an episode of Jeremy Kyle or at least one bodybag. And personally I couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying than the former option.
But wait, what about the visitor? Well, it turns out that our visitor was here to see our very own Hayley to get some advice on character development for her new musical! Said to hopefully be coming to London sooner rather than later, we’re sure that thanks to Hayley, it will take some of that Acting Out flavour with it. – Greg

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