Wonderful Piece – 26th Jul ’18

This evening’s Acting Out meeting/session was very much a case of two halves making a whole.
We started with a suggestion to have a short discussion about what we liked about our latest production The Fixer last week, and what lessons we may be able to learn from it for the future.
The short discussion became a long discussion based on members’ anonymous comments written on pieces of paper but in summary, congratulations are due to Greg for writing a wonderful piece (his first play!) and directing it with aplomb, and to the cast and crew for making the most of changes which came up along the way.
The primary other comment was that we would have liked a larger audience but putting on a new play in the height of summer was not going to fill the room to the rafters so we did pretty well under the circumstances.
We then retired for a drinkette after which we reconvened outside in the Welly’s gardens to discuss our next production, which will be a spooky piece for Hallowe’en. There are some very good ideas in place and still more to come over the next few weeks but we’ll keep the details under wraps for just a little longer so I’ll leave it at that for now…
See you next week!
Richard (the Noisy one)

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